The Research Alliance is different

The Research Alliance provides a very different way of buying international research. You may be disillusioned with the main alternatives; a large research monolith which claims consistency of quality across the globe but does not deliver at the local level. Or smaller agencies who can only offer limited ad hoc relationships in selected markets.

The Research Alliance offers the strength of a truly global network combined with the quality, flexibility and more 'personal service' of medium-sized operations. You can buy into this proposition by contacting any Research Alliance member who will be able to coordinate your international research needs.

The Research Alliance is local

Whilst we appreciate the need to deliver global solutions in global markets, we recognise that international research also has to work at a local level to be effective. Each Research Alliance member is a local expert and we harness that local knowledge to deliver international research cost-effectively.

The Research Alliance is responsive

All Research Alliance member companies are managed on a day-to-day basis by their working directors who are often also owners of their business. This higher level of commercial awareness translates into a set of research agencies which is agile and flexible in its ability to constantly respond to ever-changing project and client needs. The absence of bureaucratic layers means we can focus upon your business and less so on our own.

The Research Alliance is built on trust

Trust is an intangible quality and normally takes time to develop. Research Alliance partners have worked together for many years. We know each other at a company level but also at a personal level. Such close relationships engender trust over time such that Research Alliance clients know that they can rely upon their chosen contact in the same way that all members know they can rely upon each other.

What we do?

The Research Alliance Members provide a wide variety of quantitative and qualitative services. The sectors which most members have significant experience of include:

  • Automotive products and services
  • Consumer packaged goods and durables
  • Corporate image and reputation / Investor relations / Stakeholder polling
  • Financial Services
  • Healthcare, Medical and Pharmaceutical
  • Retail (including display, pricing and packaging)
  • Business-to-Business
  • Media and Communications
  • IT and telecommunications

Most members offer a full array of “traditional” quantitative and qualitative research approaches as well as “new-generation” methods such as mobile-based surveys, co-creation sessions and many more...

Naturally, some members have localised specialisations, for detail on each member‘s specific capabilities and areas of specialism - view our members here.