Intermetra Business & Market Research Group AB

Intermetra Business & Market Research Group is a full service research company in quantitative and qualitative consumer, business-to-business and healthcare research.

We do most types of data collection; telephone, on-line, postal, face-to-face, central location interviews and focus groups.

Our facilities in central Gothenburg include a focus group room with one-way mirror and CLT rooms.

Special services and products:

  • PanelWizard
    An on-line consumer panel is of unique quality, specially recruited from a representative sample from the national population register.
  • Physicians panel
    Large on-line and/or telephone panel of GP’s and specialists
  • ChoiceLab
    A ”derived importance” analysis method using ANN (Artificial Neural Networks) that analyses with unique accuracy what really drives the brand choice
  • PackLab
    A CAPI method for measuring the shelf impact of pack designs
  • PriceLab
    A CAPI/on-line method for measuring price elasticities and simulating the effects of price changes
  • LoyaltyLab
    Measures/describes customer satisfaction and loyalty + what importance different factors have as drivers of satisfaction and loyalty (using ANN)
  • RangeLab
    Optimizes product ranges, design collections etc. Can handle large numbers (<100) of candidates in a procedure that ranks them and rates their relative sales potential
  • BRIX1000
    Tracks/describes brand equity in relation to the competition in eight fundamental dimensions that are also weighed together into an equity index

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