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The Lieberman Research Group is one of the largest and fastest growing custom market research companies in the USA. Our success is due to our uncompromising dedication to partnering with our clients to help them meet their business objectives. Lieberman Research comprises:

  • Full service market research offices
  • A multi lingual telephone interviewing facility with 500 CATI stations - conducting interviewing in over 25 languages
  • An Internet research company

As a full service market research company, the Lieberman Research Group employs a full time field staff to manage the interviewing process and does all its data processing and advanced statistical analysis in-house giving the company complete control of the research process.

Among the tools we have developed to assist our clients in meeting their business objectives include:

  • Tracer - a communication tracking system to measure the effectiveness of advertising to break through clutter in a more sensitive way than standard questions. Tracer provides insights relative to media weight levels, efficient media mix, and ROI.
  • Simalto - a trade-off analysis tool that can accommodate 36 features with up to 9 options per feature - making it superior to more commonly employed trade-off techniques in many product categories.
  • Compel - a system for testing the potential impact of advertising messages or promotional offers using discrete choice questioning techniques for a more sensitive measure of consumer appeal of individual and combinations of elements.
  • Stela - satisfaction tracking evaluation and loyalty assessment tool to better understand the retention potential and acquisition power of a brand.
  • Brand Equity Assessor - understands the underlying potential of a brand by using a unique model to divide brand equity into 10 components to help develop communications platforms and generate line extensions.
  • Market Segmentation - our unique approach generates actionable results to best reach and communicate with key targeted segments including methods to help target customer data bases.
  • PDA Surveys - either interviewers or respondents themselves record answers on a programmed device providing daily real time results to the Internet.

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