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Clarity Strategic Research is a Sydney-based agency founded in 2009 by Alex Sweeney and Alasdair Johnston who between them have 30 years experience in research. We offer Director-level resource on all projects from start to finish, ensuring high quality, fast and efficient research solutions. Our purpose is to deliver clear, commercially valuable, powerful research and consultancy to our clients. We provide a blend of big agency credentials, capabilities and experience with small agency flexibility, passion and hunger.

Our name encapsulates our approach:

  • No bull! No waffle!
  • Clear thinking – straight talking
  • Outputs suited to all in your business – not just research professionals
  • Strong recommendations, clear directions – we do not sit on the fence

Clarity have specialist experience in the Telco, Finance, Media, B2B, IT, FMCG and Retail markets, and also have experience of research in areas as diverse as Government and Social, Pharmaceutical, Professional Services, Travel and Tourism and Utilities. We carry out both qualitative (in-depth interviews, focus-groups, accompanied shops and B2B) and quantitative research (online, CATI, face-to-face, central location, mystery shopping and B2B).

We work with trusted fieldwork partners for both qualitative and quantitative studies allowing us to work with the best-in-class suppliers for each particular project. This ensures not just high quality but also provides flexibility and ensures our pricing is competitive. In addition to partnerships with traditional research partners, we also have informal alliances with a host of marketing professionals (such as planners, retail consultants, marketing communications specialists and social media experts) who can help embed our insights even further into our clients business.


Australia has a population of 21.8 million people, spread across a land-mass of 7.7 million km’s (about the same size as the 48 mainland states of the USA, or 50% larger than Europe). Australia has the lowest population density in the world – just two people per square kilometre, with 85% of the population living within 50km of the coast.


The Australian economy remains relatively healthy, despite the GFC, with the country’s GDP putting it 18th in the list of wealthiest countries in the world. Abundant natural resources have contributed to the resilience of the economy, with a ‘mining boom’ in parts of the country (notably Western Australia).

Digital consumption

Australia is an advanced country in terms of its technology, with 78% of the population having Internet access. A plan to deliver a high-speed National Broadband Network on fibre-optic cables was recently announced, but is not expected to be completed until 2020. Social Media usage is also very high, with 48% of the population being subscribing to Facebook. Australia is also an advanced country in terms of mobile telecommunications – with more mobile phones than people (around 1.1 mobile phones in circulation for each person).

Life expectancy in Australia is about 82 years, with a good national healthcare service working in parallel with private healthcare; although with an ageing population, there are increased burdens on the provision of healthcare as dementia and other age related issues increase. Obesity is a growing problem in Australia, with one of the fastest growing rates in the developed world; the WHO found 67% of Australians to be overweight in 2007. A final theme in Australian healthcare is the disparity on many metrics between indigenous and non-indigenous Australians – taking just life expectancy as one indicator, indigenous Australians’ life expectancy is around 20 years less than Australia as a whole.

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