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Análise & Sintese Pesquisa E Marketing LTDA

Established in 1985, Análise & Síntese is a market research company working in the national and international market.

A&S conducts research in every part of Brazil and in many countries in Latin America.

A&S provides Ad Hoc Services, Qualitative and Quantitative; Continuous Services; Omnibus – Brazil and Latin America – and Retail Services through “Retail Checking” in more than 500 cities all over the Brazilian territory.

A&S is prepared to apply a wide range of data collection techniques:

  • Face-to-face or by telephone (CATI or CAWI)
  • In-depth interviews
  • Focus Groups
  • Business to Business interviews
  • Hall tests
  • Internet surveys

A&S operates SPSS for windows and SPSS MRInterview softwares

Brazil has about 195 million inhabitants and a land area of more than 8.500.000 KM². This means that the population density is about 23 inhabitants per km2 which is one of the lowest in the world.

MR methodologies
Market research industry in Brazil has a turnaround of about US$ 800 million and the average annual growth rate during the last years is about 12%.

Digital consumption
Mobile phones achieved 250 million units. This means, that the mobile phone penetration in Brazil is about 1.28 mobile phones per citizen. Brazil with 80 million Internet users is the 5th country with the biggest number of Internet connections. This amount of Internet users is directly associated to the growth of the personal computers (currently about 100 million computers are being used). Today, 40% of the population – or 80 million people – access the web. Ahead of us are only Japan, India, USA and China.

In 2001, the values ​​captured by stores accounted for only US$ 300 million. Today, that figure has already surpassed the US$ 10 billion. Mobile connections achieved 1,3 million.

50 million people use Internet regularly – at least once a week – and 40% of them access Internet daily.

Life expectancy in Brazil is increasing and higher than ever before. Today it is about 77 years for women and 70 years for men. During the last decades Brazil has had an important decrease in the rate of fertility, the average number of children per woman in childbearing age (15-49 years) dropped from 6,3 in the 60’s to 1,62 today.


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