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We believe that the world would be a better place if more customer experiences were based on intelligent user insights. That is also our offset when delivering or designing a project to a client.

We believe that getting started right is a prerequisite for generating the ideas and business opportunities that will form the products of tomorrow.

We believe that any successful change must be stimulated by a truly customer centric approach (and outside-in thinking).

The required level of insights varies significantly across projects and clients. Through almost 20 years of experience we’re proud to say we are partly a full-service insights agency and partly product and service experience specialist.

We focus on delivering human insights at the right level of detail. Ranging from simple web panel questionnaires, to mobile ethnography and in-depth interviews. We analyze how people, see a situation, what they hear, how they feel and think, as well as what they do and say. It’s all part of emphasizing the needs of the user.

We also develop, ideate and (co-)create new products, services and customers experiences with our clients and their customers, in order to create a world with more great customer experiences.

We are based in Denmark, but we provide insights across Scandinavia, through strong partnerships with local experts, providing you with one point of contact.

Parents to 47% of children born in 2010 were not married.
Most Popular Baby names in 2010 are William for boys and Isabella for girls.
74% of 15-64 years old are working in 2011 which is 3rd highest in the EU.

MR methodologies
Quantitative research is continuously moving from telephone towards websurveys. Ethnographic approaches age gaining increasing interest. Eye tracking studies are now available on smart phones.

Digital consumption

54% of adult population has mobile access to internet

More than 70% of adult population has shopped on internet in 2011.

16% has used their cell phone to purchase products or services last month.

8 of 10 new cell phones sold are smart phones. At the end of 2011, more people will have a smart phone than a standard cell phone.

1 of 10 smart phone holders use a QR Barcode reader application.

18% are gambling with money on the internet compared.

Life expectancy is increasing and higher than ever before, and today it is 77,1 years for men and 81,2 years for women.

The suicide rate has decreased with 40% for men and more than 50% for women from 1995 to 2010.


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