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OPINION is one of the leading independent market research agencies in Germany. OPINION is specialised in national and international ad-hoc and tracking studies, involving more than 100 national and international brands.

OPINION’s market research is no ‘off-the-peg’ product, but rather a solution specially selected from our wide range of services and tailored to marketing/sales requirements. Each business challenge requires an individual answer – qualitative or quantitative.

When planning the studies, OPINION makes optimum use of the whole range of state of the art investigation and evaluation techniques. From identifying a vacant market niche right through to product quality tracking, we have the appropriate tools to answer your market research questions.

We believe that successful co-operation is based on trust and respect. At OPINION this applies to activities within our team, with our customers and in our international network of strong and long-term partners.

In 2012, Germany had a population of 82,0 million people at an area of 357,114 square km so that population density is ca. 230 inhabitants per square km.

MR methodologies
In 2012, Germany had 142 market research agencies employing ca. 19,700 people. The turnover was 2.5 billion Euros. Compared to 2011, turnover increased by 7.7%. Germany is the second largest research market in Europe behind Great Britain.

Digital Consumption
In 2012, the internet penetration in Germany was 83.0%. Social Media are expanding in Germany. Facebook penetration was 31.2%. Mobile phone penetration is at 1.37 mobile phones per citizen.

According to OECD statistics, life expectancy in Germany in 2011 was 80.5 years (83.0 years for women and 78.0 years for men).

Health expenditure in Germany amounted to 11.6% of the German GNP, more than two percentage points higher than the OECD average of 9.5%.

Still, health spending as a share of GDP remains much lower in Germany than in the United States (which spent 17.6 % of their GDP on health in 2010). It is also slightly lower than in the Netherlands (12.0%) and equal to the share in France. Germany ranks 9th among OECD countries in health expenditure per capita, with spending of 4338 USD per person in 2010 (adjusted for purchasing power parity).


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Michael Blum
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