Greece: Stohos Ltd.

Stohos Ltd

Stohos is an independent research agency, established in 1980.

The company structure is based on 4 departments:

  • Quantitative research
  • Qualitative research
  • Business and professional research
  • Central location testing

We have extensive experience with research at any level of involvement – from just fieldwork to active participation in the client’s strategy formulation team.

A large part of the research we carry out is related to the development, evaluation or relaunching of products / services in terms of their concept / positioning, their physical attributes or their communication.

More than 50% of the research we carry out each year is commissioned internationally, either directly by clients or by research agencies.


Stohos Ltd
Tel: +30 2106982300
Fax: +30 2106982503
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Ioanna Mitropoulou
Research Director