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Istituto Piepoli

Istituto Piepoli is a full service agency established in 1965 that provides its clients with a high quality service thanks to the continuous innovation and development of new research products, together with the continuous updating of its technological tools.

  • Long expertise and competence in any field of marketing research
  • Deep listening of client needs
  • Creativity, passion and innovation: Airport® Research, FAST2web, AD-WEB, Archetypal Research, Systemic Constellations, Conwivium, etc.
  • Consultancy
  • High quality operation services: 600 tablets distributed all across Italy, proprietary software for CAPi, CAWI
In 2012 the total population in Italy is over 60 millions and foreigners are 8% of the total. Italian nationality population is 56 million. The average age is 43.7 years, but Italian citizen are 44.7 years old and foreigners 32.2 years. 82% of births comes from Italian women and the remaining 18% from foreign women, but the average number of children per Italian woman is 1.33 and the average number per foreign woman is 2.07. We don’t have to forget the high contribution of foreign people to the balance of population.

Digital consumption
“Topolino” (Mickey Mouse), the most famous comic book that debuted in Italy in 1932, from July 2011 on is even on iPad: the digital tablet conquers even Duckburg…

Life expectancy in Italy is 78.8 years for men and 84.1 years for women. Italy is placed amongst the first Countries in the world and also in a relatively good health: 91.8% of people aged 0-14 years is in good health and 20.3% is more than 65 years. If we consider that in the last 30 years the death rate is almost cut by half, there is a rosy future in front of us!.

Istituto Piepoli
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