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Istituto Piepoli was established in 1965: a guarantee of long term expertise and wide competence in any field of marketing research.

Istituto Piepoli goal is to discover the deep truth underlying any human attitude or behavior, using intelligence and analysis.

Istituto Piepoli is the partner of its clients’ success, thanks to its specialized tools of research and consultancy.

  • Analysis of Materiality – a complete and integrated analysis of the elements that affect in a significant way the company capacity to create value in the course of time. The survey is conducted on the universe of employees, suppliers, consultants and on a sample of clients and stakeholders.
  • Archetypal Brand Positioning – a process of building the positioning of a brand establishing it on the powerful roots of an Archetype (i.e. the fundamental needs of any human being). Step 1: one day creative workshop with the client to identify the possible archetypal concepts of the brand, sourcing from the history itself of the brand. Step 2: Concept test, using proprietary archetypal statements. Step 3: follow-up consultancy in order to fine tune the overall future communication and marketing activity
  • Delphi – a forecasting survey, conducted with opinion leaders and experts in different areas, on the possible future socio-economic scenario (up to 10 years) of different industries, IT, Media, Culture, etc.. Its purpose is to provide key information on which companies can establish their marketing and strategic decisions for the incoming years.
  • E-Sat – a fresh approach to the evaluation of the Customer Satisfaction. On this purpose E-Sat joins three main measures regarding the relationship between customer and service/brand: 1. satisfaction degree, 2. loyalty degree, 3. attractiveness degree. The combination of these three measures provide a precise evaluation of the current brand health, as well as a reliable forecast of the future one.
  • Problem Solving – one-day consultancy (Buffalo University approach) conducted with a group of company managers. First participants express divergent thoughts about the issues to cope with (in total freedom and with no criticism). Then in the course of the session different creative techniques are employed in order to come to the identification of the possible solutions to the problems, finding agreement on these.
  • PromoSurvey – an unusual and fruitful combination of research and product promotion, specially designed for Pharmaceutical industry. In the same session a researcher moderates a group of physicians on a specific issue; then the sales representatives of the company present the drugs aimed to solve the problem, using the information gathered in the first part of the session.
  • Safe Behaviors – an innovative technique aimed to prevent work accidents. Target: the company blue collars. Step 1: conduction of a survey aimed to predict personal inclination to risk. Step 2: subsequent training of respondents classified as more inclined to risk on how to implement safe behaviors. Step 3: final test to check efficacy of training.

 Istituto Piepoli: Wisdom from intelligence and expertise

In 2012 the total population in Italy is over 60 millions and foreigners are 8% of the total. Italian nationality population is 56 million. The average age is 43.7 years, but Italian citizen are 44.7 years old and foreigners 32.2 years. 82% of births comes from Italian women and the remaining 18% from foreign women, but the average number of children per Italian woman is 1.33 and the average number per foreign woman is 2.07. We don’t have to forget the high contribution of foreign people to the balance of population.

Digital consumption
“Topolino” (Mickey Mouse), the most famous comic book that debuted in Italy in 1932, from July 2011 on is even on iPad: the digital tablet conquers even Duckburg…

Life expectancy in Italy is 78.8 years for men and 84.1 years for women. Italy is placed amongst the first Countries in the world and also in a relatively good health: 91.8% of people aged 0-14 years is in good health and 20.3% is more than 65 years. If we consider that in the last 30 years the death rate is almost cut by half, there is a rosy future in front of us!.

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