Malaysia: Research Pacific Malaysia


Research Pacific Malaysia

Research Pacific Malaysia is a subsidiary of The Research Pacific Group, and has operated since 1999.

Based in KL with coverage in other cities possible.

We provide a full array of qualitative, (and quantitative) services to local and international clients including IDI, FGD and Ethnographic work in both consumer and business audiences.

Viewing is usually by CCTV in high class hotel venues due to reluctance of most Malaysian audiences to go to office locations. Nevertheless, our own studio is presently under construction.

We handle all recruiting in-house and have on-staff moderators fluent in English, Malay, Mandarin and Cantonese. Male & female moderators available.

Experience in many categories, but especially Luxury & Lifestyle Brands, Automotive, Telecommunications and Convergence Industries, Media, Healthcare, Travel Tourism & Hospitality.

Research Pacific Malaysia also provides a full range of quantitative services including a CATI centre and f2f field force for both consumer and b2b targets.

The population is 28,334,135 making it the 43rd most populated country. The population of Malaysia consists of many ethnic groups. The infant mortality rate is in 2009 was 6 deaths per 1000 deaths, and life and life expectancy at birth in 2009 was 75 years With the aim of developing Malaysia into a medical tourism destination, 5 per cent of the government social sector development budget is spent on healthcare. The population in concentrated on Peninsular Malaysia where 20million of approximately 28 million Malaysians live.

MR methodologies
In the consumer space the most common methods are still Face-to-face and Qualitative groups other methods; Telephone for higher end list-based work is ok, although the high incidence of scams and low public awareness of MR means refusals may still be high; Online is very much skewed to an urban and better educated elite; In the B2B space most methods work but for engaging senior managers or business operators the culture is all about ‘face time’ and in person meetings are much more effective.

Digital consumption
Malaysian Website Rankings for January 2011. For the month Ending January, 2011, Effective Measure and the Malaysian Digital Association reports the following rankings of websites visited by over 17 million Internet users inside of Malaysia. How do Malaysians fare?

– Rank #5 in digital media consuming nation.
- Rank #7 or 53% having streamed digital media in the past month.
- Rank #9 or 41% having downloaded digital media in the past month.
- Rank #3 in spending over 20 hours a week watching streamed or downloaded content from the Internet.

Since 1990, Malaysia has been a middle-income and emerging multisectoral economy transformed from a producer of raw materials. Per capita income has increased to US$ 6725 and the incidence of poverty has been reduced to less than 6.0%. Malaysia has achieved good health indicators with a primary care led and generally accessible health system. The top five main notifiable diseases in 2007 were: dengue fever, tuberculosis, food poisoning, hand foot and mouth disease (HFMD), and HIV/AIDS.