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Founded in 1994, by an Irishman, we are one of the top 3 independent research companies in Poland. We are primarily an ad-hoc research company and have a reputation for designing original and creative research solutions to address complex marketing problems.

We offer not just the usual menu of qual and quant techniques, we have developed unique tools for CEE – especially in the area of trade research, customer satisfaction, mystery shopping and pricing and segmentation research.

Population is in decline – 38m in 2010 dropping to 36m by 2035 (Polish Govt figures). Poland is ranked 34th largest country in terms of population (4m people bigger than Canada) source: CIA website. By 2060 the working population will have declined by 35% (source World Bank report). Currently only 35% of Poles aged 55-64yrs are working (EU average 51%) source World Bank report.

MR methodologies
82% quant Vs world average 76% (Source: ESOMAR GMR 2011).
3% online Vs world average of 22% (Source: ESOMAR GMR 2011).
36% F2F Vs world average 12% (Source: ESOMAR GMR 2011).

Digital Consumption
Mobile phone penetration 119.8% i.e. the average Polish citizen has 1.2 phones (source ITU). Internet penetration is 58.4% up from 9.7% in 2000 (source ITC). Broadband penetration 14.9% Vs Uk at 30.6% (source: Google Public stats). NaszaKlasa (our class) is still the biggest social media site in Poland (12.3m users) with Facebook growing quickly, reaching 9.9m users by January 2011 (source PBI Gemius).

Life expectancy at birth 1990 71yrs 2010 76yrs (70.5 for men and 78.9 for women) – source World Bank. Fertility rate in 2011 1.4 (up from 1.2 in 2003) – replacement rate is 2.1 – Ireland is 2.02 – source World Bank Health expenditure 2010 is 7.1% of GDP – up from 5% in 2000 – source World Bank).


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