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In 1993 an Irishman called Dominic Kinoulty went to Poland to run the local office of an International research company.

In 1994 he decided to set up his own ad-hoc research company in Warsaw and has been running projects in Poland (and several other CEE countries) ever since…

In the last 28 years there are not many legal and/or socially acceptable forms of research we haven’t done; We cover Qual and Quant, consumer and business, retail and social – and most things in-between.

We work for the big and the aspiring to be big brands; for local and International clients and for other research companies who require high quality fieldwork and local insight.

We subscribe totally to the adage “Never promise what you can’t deliver; always deliver what you promise”.

We have been a TRA member for the last 20 years.

Poles are very Polish (98% identify as ethnic Poles)

Population: between 37.9m and 38.6 million (nobody seems to agree on this…)

Geographical size: 312.7 thousand square kilometres (smaller than Germany but bigger than Italy)

Population density is 123.7 persons/sqKm – similar to France but less than half the UK density.

The capital (Warsaw) accounts for only 4.6% of the population – very low Vs Dublin 28%, London 13.2% and Prague 12%

Smartphone penetration is almost 90% of phone users.

Internet access is almost 87%

Polish was voted the World’s 10th most difficult language to learn for a foreigner.


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