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Bazis IG representatives are the members of the following research organisations: ESOMAR, American Marketing Association, The Research Alliance and Russian Guild of Marketers

  • Focus group (Web Streaming Facilities)
  • Face-to-Face and In-depth interviews with industry experts, managers and customers
  • CATI (International Call-centre with English,French,German,Italian and Spanish)
  • CAPI
  • Trade-off and conjoint surveys
  • Consumer, IT, B2B panel surveys
  • Ad-hoc on-Line surveys ( Sawtooth Software, GMI Net-MR)
  • On-line surveys, on-line focus groups
  • Mystery Shopping
  • Hall-test
  • Desk research (Russian markets reports)

Russia has about 142,8 million inhabitants and a land area of over 17 mln sq km. This means that Russia is the largest country in the world and takes 11% of earth surface. The population density is about 8 inhabitants/sq km which is one of the lowest in the world – placed 217 out of 237.

MR methodologies
Russian market research industry has a turnaround of about $370 million in 2011 which is a 5-fold increase since 2002.

Digital Consumption
Internet penetration in Russia is not too high – about 50% of population over 18 years old use internet once per week. The level is lower compared to European countries, but this is the highest level of penetration in CIS area. The two largest Social Media Networks in Russia are “Vkontakte” and “Odnoklassniki”, 52% of Russian Internet users have a social network profile. International social networks (Facebook, LinkdIn) are not very popular in Russia. Mobile phone penetration is about 1.6 cell phones per citizen.

Life expectancy in Russia is about 74 years for women and 62 years for men. That is the world’s 100th highest for women and the worlds 137th highest for men. Most of the Russian healthcare is publicly financed. Only stomatological services take significant place in private area. Health expenditures accounted for 4.8% of GDP in 2008, which was a drop from 5.4 in 2000.

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