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Intermetra Business & Market Research Group AB

Intermetra Business & Market Research Group is a full service research company in quantitative and qualitative consumer, business-to-business and healthcare research.

We do most types of data collection; telephone, on-line, postal, face-to-face, central location interviews and focus groups.

Our facilities in central Gothenburg include a focus group room with one-way mirror and CLT rooms.

Special services and products:

  • PanelWizard
    An on-line consumer panel is of unique quality, specially recruited from a representative sample from the national population register.
  • Physicians panel
    Large on-line and/or telephone panel of GP’s and specialists
  • ChoiceLab
    A ”derived importance” analysis method using ANN (Artificial Neural Networks) that analyses with unique accuracy what really drives the brand choice
  • PackLab
    A CAPI method for measuring the shelf impact of pack designs
  • PriceLab
    A CAPI/on-line method for measuring price elasticities and simulating the effects of price changes
  • LoyaltyLab
    Measures/describes customer satisfaction and loyalty + what importance different factors have as drivers of satisfaction and loyalty (using ANN)
  • RangeLab
    Optimizes product ranges, design collections etc. Can handle large numbers (<100) of candidates in a procedure that ranks them and rates their relative sales potential
  • BRIX1000
    Tracks/describes brand equity in relation to the competition in eight fundamental dimensions that are also weighed together into an equity index

Sweden has about 9.4 million inhabitants and a land area of almost 450 000 km2. This means that the population density is about 21 inhabitants/km2 which is one of the lowest in the world – placed 191 out of 237.

MR industry

Sweden’s market research industry has a turnaround of about €300 million which is a 50% increase in the last 10 years.

Digital consumption
Sweden has one of the world’s highest Internet penetration. 92% of the Swedish population has an internet connection. Only Netherlands and the other Scandinavian countries is on the same level. Social Media Networks is also very common in Sweden and about 48% of the population are Facebook users. Mobile phone penetration is about 1.22 cell phones per citizen.

Life expectancy in Sweden is 83 years for women and 79 years for men. That is the world’s 10th highest for women and the worlds 4th highest for men only surpassed by Island, Switzerland and Japan. Most of the Swedish healthcare is publicly financed which is why a visit to the GP only cost 10€ in Sweden. Health expenditure was 7.4% of GDP in 2008 which is a drop from 7.8 in 2004.

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Anders Lindahl
Managing Director