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Dimensions Research & Marketing Consultancy

  • Dimensions Research & Marketing Consultancy is a leading full service market research agency based in UAE covering entire Middle East.
  • Our market research activities include primary and secondary research where we offer a complete range of qualitative and quantitative services since it was established in 2002.
  • WE are boutique FULL-SERVICE agency having strong footprint in the region, COMMITED to service you.
  • WE are Research Specialists who EMPOWER brands and clients through KNOWLEDGE.
  • Our cutting-edge models, advanced research planning and statistical analysis makes us true analysts.
  • Some of the regular research studies handled by Dimensions are Usage and Attitude, Customer Satisfaction, Brand Health Tracking, Packaging and Pricing Research, Market Understanding, Concept and Product Test, Advertising and Communication Research, Needs Assessment, Shop Along Research and Mystery Shopping etc.
  • Being Automotive, FMCG and Retail Specialists, we have extensive local knowledge and associations with global brands and experts in conducting car clinics and customer satisfaction studies.



From 4.1 million in 2005 to roughly 9.5 million in 2018. Out of this, the number of UAE citizens is around 11.5% and the remaining 88.5% made up of Expatriate workers. The largest group of non-UAE nationals are South Asian 59.4% (includes Indians 38.2%, Bangladeshi 9.5%, Pakistani 9.4%, others 2.3%), Egyptian 10.2%, Filipino 6.1%, other 12.8%.

Female citizens and non-citizens account for 28% percent of the UAE’S population due to the high level of male foreign workers. The majority of the UAE population falls in the age group of 25 to 54 year old. A large part of this can be attributed to the expatriate population of working men and women who fall in the age category. Population is heavily concentrated to the northeast on the Musandam Peninsula, the three largest Emirates – Abu Dhabi (2.9 million), Dubai (2.7 million) and Sharjah (1.4 million), are home to nearly 75% of the population.

Digital consumption

Concerning to Internet usage in the United Arab Emirates, out of 9.61 million population, the internet penetration is reported as 99% where 9.52 million people are active internet users


The life expectancy at birth in the UAE is at 76.96 years. Cardiovascular disease is the principal cause of death in the UAE, constituting 28% of total deaths; other major causes are accidents and injuries, malignancies, and congenital anomalies. According to World Health Organisation data from 2014, 37.2% of adults in the UAE are clinically obese, with a Body mass index (BMI) score of 30 or more.

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