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We are a full service £12M+ company offering personal, telephone and online research, both in the UK and internationally. Our expertise encompasses both qualitative and quantitative approaches. Our particular strengths include product development research, pack testing, shopper research, pricing research, conjoint studies, volume estimation, mystery shopping and customer satisfaction measurement.

We also have a specialist panel of trained sensory testers, enabling us to provide the complete product evaluation service through linking sensory and consumer data to provide optimisation models which identify new product opportunities for our clients.

Our expertise in digital research can be applied to many areas of our business including online communities, social media measurement and online bulletin boards.

We operate a specialist division for FINANCIAL research where syndicated research on topics such as pension planning is available.

Our qualitative team, regularly conduct ‘Spotlight’ studies on topical subjects such as Online Grocery Shopping, Mobile Payments and Taxing High Fat Foods which are freely available.

The Most Popular Babynames in the UK in 2011 are Oliver for boys and Olivia for girls (source BBC). 62% of adults in the UK have taken a foreign holiday in the last 3 years (source our omnibus). There are over 30,000 John Smiths in Britain. 98% of people take their tea with milk, but only 30% take sugar in tea. Average age of women at their first childbirth is 29.1 years old.

MR methodologies
Many people consider the UK’s Domesday Book to be the first bit of market research in 1086. A Census of the population.

Digital consumption
UK is one of the biggest markets for eCommerce with consumers spending £5.9b shopping online in 2011, and expected to surge to £11.2b by 2014. 46% of the population have ever tried doing their grocery shopping online. 25% of the population claim to regularly access facebook on their mobile phone. 74% of the adults in the UK have broadband internet connection. The UK spends nearly double that of all other countries online per head (£1,031) Television in the UK will go completley digital in October 2012 when the analogue signal is switched off for the last time, bringing 50 free digitial TV channels to every home in the country.

The area of the UK with the highest level of obesity is the West Midlands. Breast cancer incidence – 26 per 100,000 females. UK consumers view burgers as being one of the most unhealthy foods – over chocolate, fizzy drinks crisps and pizza (source, fat tax report). The NHS is the biggest employer in the UK with 1.3 million employees.

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