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Interpreting human behaviour is a science, and an art. Knowing why people do what they do, what motivates, and doesn’t. Peeling back the layers to grasp the complex truth inside.

Our experts help brands reconnect with people through scientific rigour, human intuition and market knowledge. Drawing on scientific principles from social, behavioural and neuro sciences we blend a perfect combination to bring breakthrough insights for your brand to better connect with the people behind the data points.

FMCG. Retail/Shopper. Financial Services. Media. Tech. Social/Government
100+ people dedicated to understanding.

We are Walnut Unlimited:  The human understanding agency.

Winner of the UK Market Research Society’s Best Breakthrough Business


The Most Popular Babynames in the UK in 2018 are Oliver for boys and Olivia for girls (source ONS). 98% of people take their tea with milk, but only 30% take sugar in tea. The average age of women at their first childbirth is 30 years old.

MR methodologies

Many people consider the UK’s Domesday Book to be the first bit of market research in 1086. A Census of the population.

Digital consumption

The UK is the 3rd biggest market for eCommerce (behind China and the USA) – 77% of the population made an online purchase in 2017 (Opinions and Lifestyle Survey) with Smartphones overtaking tablets for the first time according to eMarketer. 91% of adults recently used the internet (ONS Q1 2019) with 4 in 5 accessing it ‘on the go’ using a mobile phone or smartphone. Emailing, searching for information about goods/services, banking, instant messaging, social media, and reading news are the main activities conducted online.


Obesity is a growing concern in the UK, with a quarter of the population obese (Public Health England) – levels are highest in the North East; lowest in London. Sugary soft drinks are the latest target with a sugar tax introduced in 2018 on drinks with levels greater than 5g per 100ml aiming to encourage manufacturers to reformulate.

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