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Lieberman is a fast growing, mid-size consultancy specializing in life-science, CPG and B-2-B market research.

More than a supplier, Lieberman is commited to customer satisfaction and is an essential and valued partner in our clients’ success.

As a full service market research company, Lieberman offers breakthrough tools and techniques to get to the heart of our clients problems faster and help us develop more effective, implementable solutions.

  • LINE OPTIMIZATION TECHNIQUE (LOT): LOT optimizes your product line to reach the largest amount of people with compelling varieties.  By illustrating the category landscape and motivating product dimensions, LOT uncovers the most effective line offering to maximize profits and sales.  This closer look at the consumer decision process identifies white space opportunities in need of development.
  • DECISION STAGING DYNAMIC MODELING (DSDM): A modeling technique that identifies what and how much patient information physicians need and the relative importance of the information when they make prescribing decisions for your brand as well as competitors’ brands.
  • QUAL/QUANT HYBRID: A colloborative model that fully integrates qualitative and quantitative researchers on meeting the client’s research demands.  Seamless interation among qual and quant experts delivers more deeply informed insights and exactly the right solutions.
  • SENSOR: An innovative technique that uses virtual research, Avatars, to encourage openness from respondents with conditions that are difficult to discuss.
  • RESPONSYS MOBILE RESEARCH: Mobile applications that allow us to engage your target in real time and in any enviornment.  Make more informed decisions with the ability to experience the person and emotion behind every numerical data point.
  • SIMALTO: A sophisticated trade-off analysis that can accomodate up to 36 features with 9 options per feature, to preduct target preference and product value for both potential and existing competitive products, for optimal target preference.
  • COMPEL: A state of the art tool that allows for actionable testing of dozens of messages to ensure that you’re conveying exactly the right messages in exactly the right combination and order.
16% of the US populates aged 25 and older is foreign born. Foreign-born residents of the US make up 33% of all holders of university degrees in engineering fields. In California, 42% of residents speak a language than English at home..

MR methodologies
Over one third of research buyers (clients) and providers (suppliers) are using online communities for research. More than one quarter of buyers and providers are using social media analytics. Neuromarketing is reported by 11% of buyers and 4% of providers.

Digital consumption
Excluding digital telephone directory providers, about 200 data brokerage firms, including Google and Yahoo, sell information about American consumers. Many of these firms specialize in background checks (i.e., criminal records) and genealogy, and others are narrowly focused (e.g., records of marriages or voter lists).

Smokers make up 21% of the U.S. population (among both adults and high school students), with 24% of men and 18% of women regular cigarette users. Only 6% of college graduates smoke. Since 1965, the rate of smoking in the US has been cut in half. Only 13% of California residents smoke (a 40% drop since 1986), reflecting the impacts of the state’s anti-cancer programs.


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